Bubbles is a character from The Powerpuff Girls.                                                                                               

Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15
Birthday January, 6th 1995
Affiliations Good
Occupation Superhero, Goodie
Homeworld Earth
Residence Townsville / Goodie HQ
Interests Octi, her sisters, the professor
Parents Professor Unatom
Grandparents none
Spouse(s) Boomer Rowdyruff (future)
Children Banana Powerpuff (Daughter)
Grandchildren none
Siblings Blossom, Buttercup and Bunny (Deceased)
Production Information
First Appearance The Powerpuff Girls (1992)
Last Appearance Castaras vs Cartoon All Stars (2020)
Voiced by Tara Strong


Bubbles is portrayed as having short blonde (or yellow) hair in two pigtails and a neat, curved fashion, light blue eyes and dresses in light blue. The ending theme refers to her as "the joy and laughter," meaning that she is defined as very sweet in personality. She takes the role as the youngest out of the girls.

Bubbles does, however, have a tendency to be overemotional, despite the fact of her having a habit to be ditzy, naive and sensitive, leading to her sometimes being regarded as the group's weakest link, by friends and foes alike. However, she can become very independent and aggressive, let alone extremely mad when pushed. Out of all the Powerpuff Girls she is the most feared by Mojo Jojo after having single-handedly taken him down in a fit of rage in the episode Bubblevicious. Her special superpowers are the Sonic Scream, understanding various foreign languages, and communicating with animals. Bubbles is also shown to have Superhuman Speed in the episode Members Only for flying around the globe, this also means she can be faster than Buttercup. When she was born, Professor Utonium named her Bubbles for her cute, bubbly, and joyful attitude (which she revealed by giggling when he named Blossom). Her best friend is Octi, a stuffed octopus given to her by the Professor. Her special ingredient is sugar and her signature color is light blue. She was also told in an interview from The Powerpuff Girls movie that she was not afraid to show her emotions.