Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Age 15
Birthday July 8th, 1995
Affiliations Good
Occupation Former TV Star / Inventor
Homeworld Earth
Residence Bugs Bunny's house / Krypton
Interests Lola Bunny, Carrots
Parents Jar-El and unnamed mother
Grandparents Unknown
Spouse(s) Lola Bunny
Children none
Grandchildren Ace Bunny (Descendant)
Siblings none
Production Information
First Appearance Looney Tunes (1941)
Last Appearance Castaras (2017)
Voiced by Jeff Bergman


Bugs is an anthropomorphic gray hare, famous for his relaxed, passive personality, pronounced Mid-Atlantic accent, He is the boyfriend of Lola Bunny and is a trickster, and his catchphrase: "Eh, what's up, doc?" (usually said while chewing a carrot). Bugs has appeared in more films. In Loonatics Unleashed, his definite descendant Ace Bunny is the leader of the Loonatics team and seems to have inherited his ancestor's Mid-Atlantic accent and comedic wit.

Bugs is seen to be rich as he has financial success comes from his invention of the carrot peeler.


Bugs appears in Baby Looney Tunes, being cared for by Granny.