Daffy & Tom In Big Trouble
Season 2, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date October 2O17
Written by Lyndsey Longmoore
Directed by Unknown
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Baboon Orders Yosemite Sam & Spike The Bulldog to kidnap Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat, One Morning Daffy & Tom find out their dates are missing so It's up to them & the rest of the goodies to rescue them.

Possible Script

(Usual Opening Theme)

(At Villain HQ Baboon call's Yosemite Sam & Spike The Bulldog to kidnap Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat)

Baboon: Now Which Two Lucky Female's should be Kidnapped? Hey I know who It will be Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat. (Then Shout's) SPIKE & SAM!

(Spike & Sam walk's in)

Sam: What?

Baboon: Spike I want you to kidnap Sheeba Cat.

Spike: Yes then I'll force her to Marry Me.

Baboon: & Sam I want you to kidnap Lyndsey Duck.

Sam: Yep then she'll get deserved for rescuing that Stupid Black Duck who almost got drowned.

Baboon: Good, So At Nighttime Tonight when Lyndsey & Sheeba is alone going to sleep then grab them & take them here with us.

Spike & Sam: Deal.

Baboon: Oh, by the way yaw will be aware, careful & watching whenever Daffy & Tom come's Outside alright?

Spike & Sam: Right.

(At Goodies HQ it's Nighttime The Goodies are all Sleepy)

Tom: (Tired) Men I am tired.

Sheeba: (Tired) Me Two.

Daffy: (Confused) Yaw all tired already?

(The Goodies nod their head yes)

Lyndsey: Daffy we can't just stay up all night.

Daffy: Yeah but what if Baboon kidnaps us while Sleeping.

Lyndsey Duck: (Tired) Oh yeah, I'm afraid of maybe Zod Kidnapping Me but maybe I'll try & get some half of sleep & then I'll get up & make sure nothing gose wrong Daf.

Daffy: Maybe yaw should go upstair's & get some sleep. (getting tired & Yawning) well I guess I'm tired to.

Tom: I knew you would be sleepy to.

Daffy: I guest your right Goodnight.

The Goodies: (Tired) Goodnight.

(The Goodies including Daffy walking upstair's to bed)

(Then it show's Spike & Sam Coldly hiding in the wood's to kidnap Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat)

Spike: (Whisper) Don't you think this is going to workout?

Sam: (Whisper) Yeah I'll grab Lyndsey Duck if she in Daffy's Room in the window with a fish hook & You go to Sheeba's Window & grab her with a giant spectcula.

Spike: (Whisper) Ok.

(Then early in the Morning Daffy & Tom find out that Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba is Missing)

Tom: Daffy!

Daffy: Woah! What is it?

Tom: Have you seen Sheeba!

Daffy: No just woke up why? (Then find's out that Lyndsey Duck is missing) What Lyndsey!

Tom: (Worried) Maybe Zod kidnap's them both!

Daffy: (Looking Sad) Oh No.

Tom: Maybe we should find them together.

Daffy: Oh Yeah your right Tom. (Shouts) GUYS!

(The Goodies ran upstairs while Daphne still down stair's)

Lyndsey: What is it?

Daffy: Lyndsey is missing!

Scooby Doo: Problably Zod kidnapped her.

Henry: Or maybe she joined Baboon.

Tom: Sheeba is Missing to!

Melody: That's Bad.

Bubbles: (Panicing) What we gonna do, What we gonna do?

Violet: (Violet Pat's Bubble's in the shoulder's) (Passive Voice) Calm Down Bubbles well find them.

(Daphne ran upstair's & hand Daffy & Tom Each A Note)

Daphne: Daffy & Tom read this (Hand's one to Daffy & another to Tom)

Daffy: (Read's A Note) Dear Daffy, You will never see your girlfriend again. ,Sincerly Yosemite Sam.

Daffy: (Angry) What Sam, He tries to Drown Me but now kidnap & Kill My Girlfriend! What's your's Tom?

Tom: (Read's A Note) Dear Tom, Sheeba will be with me forever. ,Sincerly Spike The Bulldog.

Tom: (Worried) What No, She problably want to be with Spike now! What shall we do Daffy?

Daffy: I don't know maybe You & Me should find them together since Lyndsey Duck is mine Girlfriend & Sheeba Cat is your's.

Henry: Well be downstair's to give yaw privacy.

Daffy: Ok.

(The Goodies run downstair's)

Daffy: (starting to Cry) Oh No Sam should not Kidnap my Girlfriend Lyndsey, at first Tina is killed after the Explosion & now Lyndsey Oh No!

Tom: (Looking Sad) Yeah maybe Sheeba hate's me for taking here away from Spike to.

Daffy: (Stop's Crying) Oh Cheer up Tom Well find them together.

Tom: (Happy) Today?

Daffy: Yeah.

Tom: (Happy) Now?

Daffy: Yep.

Tom: (Happy) Yeah! maybe we can both go up in Villains HQ & Defeat Sam & Spike, Baboon & the Other Villain's & get Lyndsey & Sheeba back.

Daffy: Good Idea well meet Sam & Spike & get them tricked into thinking Kristie & Magaret is dead?

Tom: No how about maybe we sneak out in Villain's HQ by ourself's?

Daffy: Great Idea & then we go & sneak out without the Villain's noticing that we around saving them. Deal?

Tom: Deal.

Daffy: I wonder if we need any Item's or tool's?

Tom: Yeah maybe Key's?

Daffy: Yep.

Tom: & Cutting Blade's?

Daffy: Yep.

Daffy: We'll go head & Defeat Sam & Spike in no time.

Both: Right. (Both give High-Five to each other)

(While in The Kitchen)

Daffy: Key's?

Tom: Check.

Daffy: Cutting Knife Blade's?

Tom: Check.

Daffy: A Cellphone incase to call Somene? I got a Cellphone.

Tom: Check.

Daffy: So Tom where going in to Villain HQ.

(While in Downstair's)

Daffy: The Rest of yaw wait here I got a Phone In Case of Danger.

The Goodies: OK.

Tom: We'll be right back.

(Daffy & Tom leave's the door)

Lisa: I hope Daffy & Tom will be safe.

Henry: Don't Worry they'll be safe.

Lyndsey: I just hope that Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat is OK?

(At Villain's HQ Sam & Spike brought Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat to Baboon)

Baboon: I can't wait to see them.

(Sam & Spike appear's)

Sam: Baboon.

Baboon: What!

Spike: We brought someone with us.

Baboon: Bring them to me.

(Sam & Spike bring Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat who hand's all tied up with them)

Baboon: Yes just as I was looking for A Female Cat & A Duck.

(The Screen Show's Baboon, Sheeba and Lyndey Duck)

Baboon: So, Yaw gal's are not going to be with The Goodies or Yaw Boyfriend's Tom Cat & Daffy Duck Again! (Laugh's).

Lyndsey Duck: (Angry) Don't Hurt my boy Daffy, I Love Daffy!

Baboon: You'll Be with us.

Sheeba: (Angry) My best boy friend Tom will come & get you!

(The Screen to Baboon) Baboon: Never they are both Weak & Prothetic & their little friend's to!

(The Villain's Laugh)

(Daffy & Tom walking in the wood's)

(While walking in the Wood's) Daffy: How did You & Sheeba got together & became a couple?

Tom: Well I saw Spike about to marry her & I told her that don't marry him because he was my Bully then she decide's to be my girlfriend's & tell's Spike that he's is nothing but Mean & Spiteful & A Big Bully & He got so mad at us & want A Revenge on all of us. What made you Create Lyndsey Duck?

Daffy: Well Me & Lyndsey Longmoore was at Tina's Graveyard I said "I Love Her" & she rejected it So after that out of guilt I Created A Female Duck Version of Her with a little piece of her hair I press Female on a Klowaski Clone Machine & then she pop's out & appear & That's how Me & Lyndsey Duck became Couple.

Tom: Wow that's Interesting to hear.

Daffy: Yep.

Tom So how did You & Tina meet?

Daffy: I First meet here at a Copy Place & I told her that I was a Wizard but after that we went on a date & we dance & after that on a limo I told her we laughed & talked & I told her that I'm not a wizard.

Tom: Cool.

Daffy: Did you have any Date's or Girlfriend's.

Tom: I have tons of them Toodle Gore, Toodles, Black little female cat, & more.

Daffy: That's Impressive.

(Daffy & Tom are Close to Villain HQ)

(See's Villain HQ) Tom: We almost there.

Daffy: Come On, we have no time to waste. (Daffy & Tom run's to Villain's HQ)

Tom: (While Running) (Happily Singing) Where going to be Cat & Duck Heroes to the End!

Daffy: (While Running) (Happily Singing) Yeah!

(At Goodies HQ Melody & Lisa came downstair's & she see's Lyndsey crying)

Lyndsey: (Crying).

Lisa: Hey Lyndsey What's Wrong?

Melody: You seem Sad.

Lyndsey: I miss Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat.

Lisa: I miss Lyndsey Duck to she help's me a lot with my Bully & I love Sheeba to.

Melody: (Looking Sad) I hope my Family are not dead?

(The Goodies came Downstair's)

Jaq: What's wrong with Lyndsey?

Lisa: She miss Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat.

Jaq: (Looking Sad) Oh Poor Lyndsey Please don't Cry.

Nibbles: (Worried) Boy it's so dangerous for us to leave them.

Skunk: What do you think you guy's should we go look for them?

Lyndsey: (Stop's Crying) I Don't Know Daffy said he'll call us if there's any trouble.

Henry: Baboon could kidnap us to.

Tommy: Guy's I thank we should go out there.

(The Goodies Look at Tommy)

Tommy: Because if Daffy & Tom get kidnapped they'll need us.

The Goodies: (Agreeably) Yeah!

Tommy: So Let's Go!

(The Goodies ran out the door)

(Outside Villain's HQ Sam & Spike sees Daffy & Tom coming)

Spike: Hey Sam?

Sam: What?

(See's Shadow Daffy & Tom running from the background)

Spike: Daffy & Tom is Coming!

(Then to Sam) Sam: Oh Yeah! well get ready for them!

(Spike & Sam standing in the army post to wait for Daffy & Tom to come)

(The Screen Show's Daffy, Tom, Sam, & Spike)

Spike: Well, Well, Well, look at that Big Brave PussyCat.

Tom: I am big brave alright.

Sam: Yep, along with that Tall Skinny Duck.

Daffy: & your Breath stank's to.

(Tom Laughing)

Sam: Well you better embrace yourself because now I'm really gotta kick your feather's

Daffy: (Looking Afraid) Mother.

Spike: Yeah.

(Daffy & Tom look at each other worried)

Spike: Any last word's?

Daffy: Yeah.

Tom: Um.

Daffy & Tom: (Both Point's up to the sky & shout's) LOOK UP THERE!

(Sam & Spike look up in the sky)

Sam & Spike: (Looking up) What?

(Daffy & Tom both past them to Villain HQ)

(Sam & Spike watches Daffy & Tom escaping)

Sam: What!

Spike: Hey!

(Sam & Spike Cheases after them)

(Then The Camera Show's Daffy & Tom getting Chased by Sam & Spike)

(Daffy & Tom hide behind wall's as Sam & Spike runs passes them)

Daffy: (Whisper's) Are they gone?

(Tom look's around)

Tom: (Whispers) Yep.

Daffy: (Whispers Ok. Be Very Very Quiet.

(Daffy & Tom Tip Toe inside Villain HQ)

(To Baboon with Hostage Sheeba & Lyndsey)

Baboon: I'll decide what I want the The Poses Villain's to do with you.

(Baboon turn's away while thinking)

(Only for Daffy & Tom to appear on top)

(Lyndsey & Sheeba look's up & happily find it's Daffy & Tom)

(Daffy & Tom whispers to Tom)

(Tom Happily Nods)

(Daffy whispers to Tom again)

(Tom Happily Nods & agrees again)

(Then Daffy & Tom passes each both of them Small Cutting Blades & then walk away)

(It Shows Daffy & Tom Happily walking away Hoo Hooing) Daffy & Tom: (Happy) Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo.

(Lyndsey & Sheeba Cut their Rope's off with cutting blades & Escape's from Baboon & the Villain's)

(The Villain's see's Sheeba Cat & Lyndsey Duck escaping)

Magarent: What! Hey Baboon?

Baboon: What?

(Showing Lyndsey & Sheeba Escaping)

Magarent: They're Escaping.

Baboon: What No! GET THEM!

(The Villain's chase's after them)


(Show's Daffy & Tom running)

Daffy: Oh No I hope Lyndsey & Sheeba Escape?

Tom: Yeah I hope they don't catch her?

Daffy: Hopefully they won't but chases them.

Tom: Ok.

(Spike & Sam stop's running & hear's The Villain's Screaming)

Spike: What in the world is going on in there?

Sam: Maybe Sheeba & Lyndsey is Escaping!

(Then they see's The Villain's see's the Villain's running toward's them)

(As Sam & Spike run's along with them)

(Sheeba & Lyndsey Hide's behind the wall's as The Villain's run's Past them)

Lyndsey & Sheeba: (Both Hug) Yay! (Then run's away)

(Daffy & Tom appear's outside)

Daffy: Finally.

Tom: I hope their both safe.

(The Goodies appear's)

Tom: (Happy) Hey.

Daffy: (Happy) What are yaw guy's doing here?

Scooby: We came to make sure that everything is ok with yaw?

Lyndsey: Did yaw free Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat?

Daffy: Yes we did.

(Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat appear's behind them)

Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba: (Happy) Daffy & Tom & The Goodies!

Daffy: (Happy) Lyndsey!

Tom: (Happy) Sheeba!

(Daffy & Tom both hug Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat)

Lyndsey Duck: (Happy) Thank's for rescuing me Daffy!

Daffy: (Happy) No Problem.

Sheeba Cat: (Happy) Same Thanks for you to Tom!

Tom: (Happy) Well Uh Thank's.

(Lyndsey hugging Lyndsey Duck) Lyndsey: (Happy) It's great to see you again Lyndsey Duck.

The Goodies: (Happily Singing) It's great to have Sheeba Cat & Lyndsey Duck Back again.

(All The Goodies run away laughing)

(The Villains Run Outside & see The Goodies running away with Lyndsey Duck & Sheeba Cat)

Baboon: (Angry) What No they ran away Grr......

Morgana: Don't worry just sit down & relax well give a nice cup of coffie.

(The Villain's walk Back inside Villains HQ)

(At Goodies HQ)

Lyndsey: Where so glad to Have both of you Lyndsey.

Lyndsey Duck: Yeah let's just hope that Zod don't Kidnap me.

(End of Episode)