Faora is a character from The Looney Tunes Show.                                                                                   

Full Name: Feora
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Occupation: Henchwoman for Zod
Status: Desceased
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 131 lbs
Family: Zod (Boyfriend)
First appearance: The Looney Tunes Show




Many years ago on Crypton, Super Rabbit's father banished an evil villain known as Zod and his evil minons, Feora and Thunkian from the planet for endangering the enitre planet. Zod vows to destroy Super Rabbit and rule the universe. 

Thanks to Super Rabbit's carelessness, the villains are freed from their evil prison and are given superpowers and go down to Metropolis to get rid of Super Rabbit. 

On Earth,  the citizens are throwing Super Rabbit (Bugs Bunny) a parade and Zod and his cronies arrive and easily beat Super Rabbit. Super Rabbit surrenders to Zod and Zod has taken over Metropolis and put Super Rabbit to shame. 

Depressed, Super Rabbit goes to see his father in the Arctic for advice. Gerel tells Bugs that he desereved to lose becuase he has become a show off, an ego maniac, and villains come to Metropolis because of him. Super Rabbit realizes what he has done and now he must find a way to stop Zod by getting rid of Faora and the robot by using his brain. 

Super Rabbit dresses up as a reporter, but Zod and Faora are not fooled by the disguise. Faora tries to kill Super Rabbit but he convinces Faora to leave Zod and he does the same for Thunkian. Now, Zod is on his own and battles Super Rabbit on his own and is defeated. Zod, Faora, and Thunkian in a new prison and they leave Earth forever. Kalel also quits being a superhero becuase he has learned that power corrupts unless it's tampered by humblity.


Faora, Zod and Thunkian return, but on a new mission. They first appear in the episode "Lola Returns" when Lola Bunny arrives at The Goodies's house while on the run from the trio. At this point, it has seen that Faora has forgiven and gone back to Zod, whom still insults and judges her. After Lola flees to Krypton, Zod orders the goodies to confess on where they are hiding, but he ends up kidnapping Lyndsey Duck instead. Feora is not seen again in the next two episodes, In the final episode "The Final Battle", Feora and Zod return to defeat The Goodies, along with The Villians help, Just as she fights with Bugs, Lola steps in and tries to save him but both get caught in one of Feora's weapons, Lexi Bunny manges to save them by sonic powering Feora into dust, instantly killing her.