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Jeremy Washington
Full Name Jeremy Washington
Alias Sir
Origin Castaras
Occupation Buisnessman
Sex Male
Status Desceased
Goals To bring back his daughter, Mary.
Voiced By Billy West

Jeremy was a wealthy buisness man in the early 1800s. He, his wife and his two daughters live in the largest mansions in Alton.

In 1821, Jeremy and his wife, Florence Washington are expecting their second child, But when a nanny arrives to help with the birth and the couples older daughter, Jane. The Nanny is actually a witch in disguise to claim a female baby to the witch throne, as Miss Gruidge (The nanny) says it will carry on the witch legacy.

On the same night, Florence gives birth to a baby girl, Mary. But in the middle of the night, Miss Gruidge kidnaps Mary and keeps her hidden away for the next 20 years. In 1843, Jeremy is said to be in France when Florence sends a letter and mentions that Jane is happily married with a son, and that their butler had tragically died.

At 20, Mary finally escapes her prison and is reunited with her family, she meets a member of the Blake family and has baby twins, a boy and a girl.

Jeremy and his family are buried behind their house in the family cemetery. He is the ancestor of Daphne Blake.