Lexi is a character from Loonatics Unleashed. She is a descendant of Lola Bunny.     
Lexi Bunny
Background information
Species Rabbit
Television programs Loonatics Unleashed (2005), Castaras (Upcoming)
Voice Jessica DiCicco
Inspiration Lola Bunny, Honey Bunny (possibly), The Powerpuff girls, Kim Possible
Character information
Other names Lex, Dyslexi (by Rev's father)
Personality Friendly, Smart, Witty, Evesdropper,
Appearance Beautiful , Unsuper: light golden skin, white secondry furr, long light blonde spikey bangs, blue eyes, long eyelashes, dark green one shoulder dress with pink belt and sports a pink belt around her left arm, long white socks, dark green boots. Super:  Black Loonatic uniform with secondry pink furr, black nose, green eyes, pink gloves and shoe bottom, pink belt and inner ears, green hair accsessory,
Occupation Gymnast Student (former)
Second In Command Of The Loonatics (current)
Goal To save Acmetropolis
Home Acmetropolis
Relatives Lola Bunny (Ancestor)
Allies Ace Bunny, Danger Duck, Tech E Coyote, Rev Roadrunner, Slam Tasmanian, Luxy Longmoore, Melina Duck, Zadavia, The Goodies
Minions None
Enemies Electro J Fudd, Sypher,
Likes Ace, Saving Acmetropolis, games, spying on others
Dislikes Being caught, losing
Powers and abilities Sonic Hearing, Plant Control (temporary), Brain Blast
Fate Going off with her friends, Zadavia and Potimatus on a new adventure
Quote "Yo Tech, ordered more pies?"


Loonatics Unleashed