Maria is a character from Castaras Babys.                                                                                       

Maria Towers
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37
Birthday May 8th, 1975
Affiliations Good
Occupation Babysitter, Buisnesswoman
Homeworld Earth
Residence Starfish Island, Vice City, USA
Interests Looking after small children
Parents Mr and Mrs Towers
Grandparents Unknown
Spouse(s) Ernest Kelly (possible boyfriend)
Children none
Grandchildren none
Siblings Tara
Production Information
First Appearance Castaras Babys (2018)
Last Appearance Castaras Babys (2019)
Voiced by Anne Hathaway


Maria Beatrice Towers was born in Little Haiti, Vice City in 1975. Maria grew up in a poor hut  with a very caring family at her side. Maria was later being babysat by Emma Webster (Granny) while her parents worked, Maria wanted to be a babysitter just like Emma was. At a young age, Maria's younger sister, Annie, dies of a mysterious illness, causing her depression until she turned 13. When her mother dies, she and her father moved away to Italy, this was only temporaly, until her father meets a new woman, Cella, a cruel barmaid who would later become Maria's evil step-mother. Cella wanted Maria to be a ballarina and would constantly book her appointments for practice but Maria either didn't turn up for them or didn't bother doing anything. At 16, Maria met a hansome barman who was only a year older. She and him had seveal dates but as Cella found out, she tried to scare off the lad, by pretending Maria was a evil wicked girl who would steal and even kill people. So she came up with a plan to get him and her bratty niece together, which worked, deverstated, Maria left Italy and returned to Vice City. She moved back into her old family home and got work as a barmaid in the Malibu Club, later she went to College to study science to find out the cause of Annie's death. While there, Maria meets fellow student, Maude Hansen, the pair quickly become rivals during a competition, Maria wins. She soon meets her new love intrest, Ernest Kelly.