Melina Duck is a new character of the Loonatics, she only appears in Castaras.              
Melina Duck
Background information
Species Duck
Television programs Castaras (Upcoming)
Voice Grey DeLise
Inspiration Melissa Duck, Danger Duck, Jessica Rabbit, Tina Russo.
Character information
Other names Mel
Personality Friendly, Cool, Laid back, tough, loud
Appearance Unsuper: Pale yellow feathers, green eyes, short ginger hair, black tank t shirt, blue ankle length trousers, black flip flops. Super: Black Loonatic uniform, turquise belt, gloves and bottom shoes, with turquise beak.
Occupation Chef
Goal To save Acmetropolis
Home Acmetropolis
Relatives Melissa DUck (ansestor)
Allies Ace Bunny, Lexi Bunny, Danger Duck, Tech Coyote, Rev Roadrunner, Slam Tasmanian, Luxy Longmoore and Zadavia.
Minions none
Enemies The Villians
Likes Danger, saving people, cooking
Dislikes Her boss
Powers and abilities Flying, Manipulation, Mind Read
Fate Gets her own cookery show from a gift from the FBI.
Quote "Hi, i'm Melina, i see you met my boyfriend, Duck??"


Before Melina became a Loonatic two years after Ace and the others got theirs, She worked as a chef in a local diner. She was hated by her fat lazy boss because she could cook and he hated her because she wasnt a human (which made his diner look weird by hiring a duck). Her boss did everything he could to get Melina to leave.


Melina is a descendant of Melissa Duck. She wears a teal coulored uniform. Melina is somewhat more of an rebel, an a little attention seeker. Her powers are Manipulation and Invisability. It is unknown how she and Danger Duck met, but they are seen to be in love as it is shown, unlike Ace Bunny and Lexi Bunny. Unsupered, Milly has dark yellow feathers, orange beak, bright green eyes, she wears a purple long tank top, blue denium shorts and white flipflops



  • Melina was a chef before becoming a Loonatic
  • It is unknown how she became or joined the Loonatics as only her past job was shown.
  • She is the rebal and troublesome of the Loonatics
  • Her superpowers are Strech and Manipulation.