Margaret is a character from Horrid Henry.

Moody Margaret
Full Name Margaret Joanne Higgins
Age 16
Origin Horrid Henry
  • Schoolgirl
  • Villian / Henchwoman
Gender Female
Status Alive
  • Bully Henry and be leader of the Purple Hand Gang
  • Kill The Goodies
Voiced By Sue Elliot Nicholls


Margaret is depicted as being a self-absorbed, conceited, arrogant, and violently surly girl who shares an intense rivalry with Horrid Henry, and their opposing neighbourhood clubs continuously develop practical jokes or conspiracies against one another. They have resorted to each other's companionship when left with no other options, but nonetheless detest one another immensely and continuously plot against one another, especially in an attempt to sully each other's reputations. A contempted and infamous braggart, Margaret possesses a tendency to gloat about her various accomplishments in a ridiculously narcissistic fashion, looking down on others and domineering her acquaintances and friends. She is resented by her best friend Susan because of her ill-tempered rudeness, but Susan seems to have no other choice than to reluctantly obey the irritable Margaret's constant commands. Margaret viciously domineers the Secret Club in various plots formulated against Henry's corresponding Purple Hang Gang, and the two opposing sides share a mutual animosity. She is used to having her own way and is capable of releasing violent, piercing screeches when her demands remain unfulfilled.


Margaret returns to Castaras, as a villian. She first meets her new rival Melody when she starts Ashton School.