When the villains kidnap Roxas, the goodies kidnap Kirstie.


Possible ScriptEdit

(Usual opening)

Scooby: (shouting and paniking) Roxas' gone!

Daphne: What do you mean gone?

Lyndsey: There's a ransom note here!

Daphne: (reading the note) Dear Goodies, We have your guessing you all know i mean Ventus. If you want to save him, all come to my HQ, by following this map...If you don't come by 5pm..he's finished..Ta Ta, Vanitas xx.

Lyndsey: The HQ is the other side of town, We'll never make it by 5, it's ten past 3 now!

Daphne: Maybe it's a set up!, maybe Vanitas knew we would'nt make it by 5...Probobly Roxas isn't with the villians?..only me and Scooby should go, leave you guys here?

Scooby: What if he traps us?

Ventus: Wait a minute...didn't Vanitas say he kidnapped me?

Atomic Betty: Looks like Vanitas mixed you up with Roxas?

Kowalski: I'll install this tracker in your cellphone, then when your in trouble, it will send the signal to Betty's bracelet

Lyndsey Or why don't we kidnap a villian?

(all goodies smirk at the idea..meanwhile at villian HQ)

Roxas: (shouting and struggling) Let Go!...get off me, what do you want with me Vanitas?

Vanitas: Don't play dumb with me Ventus! I want you and your friends...GONE forever!. I left a ransom note at your HQ and soon all them spoilt goodie two shoes will arrive then BAM! They're mine

Kirstie: And with you idiots gone we will then rule the world (Then evilily laughs)

Vanitas; (shouts) I WILL TAKE OVER...Not You! go and get severel gages, enough for the brats...i want to see them fearing of me (evilily laughs)

Roxas: My name is ROXAS!!

Vanitas: You think you can fool us? your'e a bigger idiot than i thought!

(The goodies watch ontop of a mountin facing villian HQ and see Kirstie outside with gages)

Lyndsey: There's Kirstie

Ventus; It looks like they are getting cages for us! so Roxas must be inside

Sheeba: Kidnap Kirstie...she's alone and we leave a ransom

Lyndsey: I'll write gotta a pen and paper?

Betty: Here!

Lyndsey: Thanks...what should i put?

Melody; Put...Dear Vanitas, We have kidnapped Kirstie..and will not return her unless you return Roxas. We know your plan and it ain't gonna work. From Goodies.

Daffy; I think someone had better get to her before she walks away!

Betty: OK!..Me, Daffy, Tommy and Scooby will grab her...Lyndsey, you plant the ransom

Lyndsey; You got it!

(The boys and Betty grab Kirstie)

Betty: Got her

Kirstie: (struggling) Get off me! won't get away with this! all of ya

Henry; Hurry, someone's coming..

(Spike walks out as soon as the goodies flee with Kirstie)

Spike: Kirstie, have you done that yet?...Kirstie!...What's this? (then shouts) Sir..Sir

Vanitas: What!

Spike: Kirstie...she's gone..the goodies, they have taken her

Vanitas: No one plays me at my own game and gets away with it! all stay here..I'll teach them a lesson

(At goodie HQ, the goodies have Kirstie tied to a chair)

Tommy: OK Kirstie! now blab..where's Roxas? and no lies

Kirstie: I'm not telling you if you was the last person in the world (then laughs)

Tom: All right..we can force the truth out of her

Kirstie: Ooh What are you gonna do? turn me good!

Daffy: That's exactly what i was thinking

Lyndsey: Tell us where Roxas is or you will never see your villain friends again!

Kirstie: Who asked you? Oh and by the's your sisters and your nerdy brother?

Lyndsey: (about to hit Kirstie) Shut up you evil...

Violet: Thats enough! Lyndsey sit over there and be quiet, and YOU! where is Roxas?

Kirstie; Vanitas will find out about this! and like im gonna tell you, ha!

Violet: Right! thats it! I'll get the answers out of her

Kirstie; Oh how? (then laughs) you gonna use your silly superpowers? Like im scared of a forcefield!

(Meanwhile at Villain HQ)

Morgana: Bring the fool!

Chucky: Who made you in charge?

Waternoose: He's escaping...Chucky, Syndrome...Axel!! help me get him (Roxas runs past Yosemite Sam almost knocking him over)

Yosemite Sam: (shouts) Watch where ya going varmint! hang on, is that the kid?

(Roxas runs away....meanwhile at the goodies)

Henry: Just tell us where Roxas is and we'll let you go

(Vanitas breaks down the door..)

Daffy: Hey watch it buster! you'll pay for that door

Vanitas: Shut up!..Kirstie what did you tell them?

Kirstie: Nothing...Who's gonna save your precious Roxas now?

Roxas: (saracaticly) Thanks for saving me! Why are they here?

Vanitas: How did you escape? Oooh my henchmen are useless. Come Kirstie, one day we will get you

Tommy: Oh get out (then slams the door0

Boo: Rocky!! (Then hugs him)

Roxas: Hey Boo, Why was Kirstie tied up? Why didn't you save me?

Bubbles: We found out that Vanitas kidnapped you and he left us a ransom, but then we saw Kirstie so we kidnapped her in revenge, we didn't know where you were!

Roxas: Well im so glad to be back!

(End Of Episode)

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