The Estate is a building that is located in Vice City, Miami, USA.                                                             
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The mansion was brought by 19 year old Maria Towers in the mid 80s, the mansion origanally belonged to Ricardo Diaz's father, which after he died, he took over. After Ricardo's dodgy buisness he was arrested and lost the mansion before  Maria claims it. By 1995, Maria is still at the mansion with her "boyfriend" and former butler, Earnest Kelly and The Goodies as young infants, whom she dedicates her time to. It is unknown what happened to Maria or abouts to how she left the mansion after the events of Castaras Babys.

Grand Thef Auto: Vice City


The Mansion appears again in series 2 of Castaras, in which Baboon and The Villians manage to find Goodie HQ and they destroy it, only for Tommy Vercetti and them to move back into the mansion.